Why it’s Good to Invest in Motivational Speakers?

motivational speakersOnce in a while, every organization needs to take a breather from all the workload, unwind, and give their members a moment to pause, look at, and enjoy themselves from within. That’s because as the saying goes, “All work and no play makes a man dull.” We can all be likened to a pitcher of water – useful until it runs out, then it needs to be replenished to become useful again.
Many organizations unwind through outings or excursions, providing them with their needed play and leisure. Now, here is a suggestion – why not inject a motivational aspect in your company outings or excursions?

Let us make this clear, though: We’re not against events that are for pure play or leisure. Ours is just a suggestion to infuse more value into events like these.

If you want a no-fuss way to do so, then we suggest you get a motivational speaker to add sass to your company’s leisurely activities.

Isn’t a Motivational Speaker Just a Waste of Money?

Some people may argue that motivational speakers is just a waste of money. We can’t blame them – who needs talk and all that “fluff” stuff? But this we’re telling you: If you choose the right motivational speaker, you are actually contributing to improving and setting the bar higher for your organization.

Maybe you will be convinced if you learn just how many companies are actually employing the services of the Top Motivational Speakers to beef up their company workshops and seminars. American Express is one, which, as we all know, is a global standard when it comes to the business of credit, charge, and gift cards, savings, insurance, and other personal and business financial services in the U. S.

Another is Wells Fargo, which believed that a motivational speaker really helped them level up their standards at work. United Airlines also had no regrets hiring a speaker to motivate them through the course of their work – five hundred of their employees went to such a session, and they found it not just entertaining and engaging, but highly educational and full of insight as well.

NAPA Auto Parts, on the other hand, couldn’t believe that the speaker they hired actually even researched about their company and their background, making the speaking engagement with the employees really spot on. For those who think that motivational speeches take up too much time, well, take it from Subway Sandwiches – a session they had just lasted an hour, yet they found it to be jam-packed with all the information they needed to raise up their spirits.

When you should Hire a Motivational Speaker

We understand that organizations do not need a motivational speaker all the time – but there are circumstances when we highly suggest that you get one. As we related a while ago, you don’t need that much time. An hour, even less, would suffice, depending on how much time your company allows and how much motivation you actually want your employees to get.

The following are some of the instances when hiring motivational speakers can push your organization to yield great results:

  • When you want to belong to the top one percent. The top one percent is defined as the excellent brood, a rarity in mankind these days, but you don’t actually have to be born with certain traits to belong to this percentage! Let this speaker show you how.
  • When you need to understand how management-employee relationships should really be. Perhaps your employees have already engaged in a strike or two for the past half year, or you do not understand why, despite your efforts to raise compensations, your employees are still leaving and looking for greener pastures. This speaker can relate to you the secret of employee engagement.
  • When your organization is going through tough times. When times are hard, it is really challenging to make sound decisions due to frustration and burnout. You need someone who will act as a third party, albeit of the good kind – one that will hark you back to your senses and push you to get back up. This speaker can do just that, backed up with research so he does not just give your mere words but a proverbial sword that can slay problems.

If you are currently in search for a good motivational speaker to help you achieve your goal for your organization, then visiting our site can help you.