In this article, take a glimpse on three popular golf players in the world. Likewise, a brief description of golf equipment will be provided in this article.

During the last two or three decades, these three golf players became prominent because of their individual achievements in playing the game. They were champions in their own right and became the topic of discussions among sports analysts during the prime of their careers as golf players. They were seen on television, in newspapers, and in sports magazines.

Gregory John Norman or simply known as Greg Norman of Australia became popular when he was ranked as the world’s number one golfer for more than 300 weeks in the 80’s and 90’s. Nicknamed “The Great White Shark,” Greg Norman has more than 90 international championships including two Open championships under his name.

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo or Nick Faldo of England became prominent in golf when he was ranked as the number one golfer in the world for more than 90 weeks. As a professional golfer, he has 40 wins that included three Masters and three Open championships.

The most prominent golfer is Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods of the United States. He was ranked as the number one golfer in the world for a record more than 600 weeks although there was a gap in between the inclusive dates.

They are only three of the world’s best golfers. There many good golfers before them and new breeds of professional are coming. Their natural talents in golf are indubitable. However, in every match they play, the golf equipment that they use is of utmost important. Not anyone of them would want to break a golf club in the middle of a championship match. Breaking a golf club during a game is tantamount to breaking a rifle in a battle.

The golf club

This is always first in the list of golf equipment and considered the most important and most costly. The golf club is a club purpose of which, is to hit the golf ball in a game. Golf clubs vary in shapes, angles, and purposes. A wood club is used for long distance strokes called driving. An iron club is used for shorter distance strokes than driving. A pitching wedge is used for short pitches going to the green. And the putter, that is used in bringing the ball to the hole.

The golf tee

The golf tee is that small plastic or wooden peg used to lift the golf ball above the ground. It is used in tee-offs and in every first stroke in a golf game.

The golf shoes

GOLF ShoesGolfers are not required to wear golf shoes. However, these special shoes help a golfer to acquire a steady position during strokes because of the featured spikes on the soles. Golf shoes are useful especially on wet surfaces where the risks of slipping are high. Before, golf shoes are those black and white leather shoes with spikes. Today, golf shoes are available in different colors and styles.


Similar to the golf shoes, use of gloves are not required for a player during a game. However, using gloves give the golfer a better grip on the clubs during strokes. Cost of gloves is affordable and may not be a burden to the golfer in case a he or she decided to use them.

The golf bag

Every golf player must have a golf bag to carry other equipment especially the golf clubs. Golf bags are usually made of soft leather and are available in different colors and styles. There are hand-carry bags with stand, cart bags, and travel bags.


Golf players are also not required to wear or use accessories. It is up to the player if he or she will use accessories during a game. Accessories may include but are not limited to sun visors, wrist bands, head bands, and cap.

golf-clubsAfter days of a hectic schedule, spending the weekend in a golf course is a good relief whether you are a spectator or a player. Although considered a costly way of spending leisure time, watching or playing a game of golf is priceless. However, before heading for the nearest golf course, make sure that you have the proper golf equipment. Quality equipment means quality game. And to have that quality equipment, you have to acquire them from suppliers with good reputation.

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